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Common Questions




How long are therapy sessions?

The initial intake session is 60 min. and ongoing therapy sessions thereafter last 45 minutes. Most clients attend therapy either once a week or once every other week.


How much does therapy cost and do you accept insurance?

Therapy fees vary by therapist discipline and level of experience. Master’s level therapists’ (fully licensed with more than ten years experience) rates for psychotherapy in the New York City area generally range from $180 to $240 per session.


Patients with out-of-network benefits may be reimbursed a percentage of the cost of their sessions.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please provide 24 hour advance notice. I understand the need to reschedule on occasion, however if you do not notify me in advance you will be required to pay the cost of the session.


Should I use my health insurance for therapy?

If a third party pays for your therapy, even with out-of-network benefits providing a reimbursement percentage, as part of the medical model and in the realm of health insurance, they will require a psychiatric diagnosis for treatment.


What if I need medication?

If at the onset or during the course of treatment it is determined that medication could be of benefit, I will recommend that you speak with a physician and schedule an evaluation. If you wish, I will collaborate with your doctor to assist in determining your treatment needs.


Do you provide couples therapy?

My practice focuses on individual therapy and consultation. I do not provide couples therapy.


Do you work with children?

Yes, I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and parents. I have post graduate training in this area and years of experience working in schools. I am able to incorporate creative interventions during a child's therapy, like play and the arts. I provide individual psychotherapy for adults as well and find that a solid clinical foundation for work with kids lends well to treating adults, but not vice versa. 


Is therapy confidential?

All communication between us is confidential. Information is not disclosed without your written permission. However, there are generally a few exceptions which include:

  • Suspected child abuse or dependent adult abuse

  • Threats to harm self or others

  • Subpoenaed by court


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