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Common Questions

Is therapy confidential?

With regard to a child’s therapy, their privacy is respected and confidentiality is explained in kid friendly terms. Sometimes a child actually wants certain messages to get across to a parent and I continually check in with kids to be sure what I’m sharing is what they’re comfortable with. My work with parents is often based on what’s communicated in a child’s session. I am able to use insight gleaned to help all parties while respecting a child’s wishes for confidentiality accordingly. 

Do you see clients in person?

How much does therapy cost and do you accept insurance?

Therapy fees vary by therapist discipline and level of experience. Master’s level therapists’ (fully licensed with more than ten years experience) rates for psychotherapy in the New York City area generally range from $180 to $240 per session. Patients with out-of-network benefits may be reimbursed a percentage of the cost of their sessions.

Therapy may occur in my office in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I also provide virtual sessions for older kids and parents using a HIPAA compliant platform. Parent therapy sessions usually occur virtually but if your preference is to meet in person I can usually accommodate your needs.

What do I tell my child about going to therapy?

It may be helpful to say something like, "We are going to visit a counselor,  that’s a helper for kids who may have lots of different feelings about lots of different things.  The counselor may ask you questions, you may play a game, and if you don't feel like talking, that's okay, too.” On our intro call, I’ll be able to give you a much better narrative to go with based on your particular situation and child’s age.

Therapy sessions last 45 minutes. Most clients attend therapy once a week, and then may transition to biweekly when the time is right. I understand that families are busy. As such, I am flexible with how frequently we meet. However, I typically see clients weekly or bi-weekly.

Can my child attend therapy even if they do not have a mental health diagnosis?

Yes. Therapy is a very fluid process. Seeing a counselor can benefit your child in many ways. One may have a clinical mental health diagnosis. However, a diagnosis is not needed to attend counseling – it could simply be preventative. When considering therapy, be sure to set realistic expectations. I can help your child (and you) grow and process emotions in a healthy way.

How long are therapy sessions?

What type of family therapy do you provide?

My practice focuses on individual child/teen therapy, child-parent psychotherapy, and parent consultation. I do not provide traditional family therapy, but include parents in an individual child's treatment through collateral sessions. In working with families, I have helped improve relationship issues through 1:1 sessions initially, and then at times include joint sessions. Joint sessions play a larger part in child-parent psychotherapy.

Do you do couple's therapy?

No. My training is with kids and parents. I think there are some really great couple’s therapists out there, and I can give you a referral if needed.

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