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Helping parents nurture

emotionally healthy kids 🏠


Empowering young people

to create their own happiness

through therapy 


I serve families seeking guidance on
everyday issues like positive discipline,
setting expectations, and managing transitions, as well as parents looking for more integrated clinical support.

My work with children and teens focuses
on their unique needs and preferences, and may include addressing concerns related to peer and family relationships, social skills, resilience and flexibility, overwhelming feelings, confidence, or managing conflict. 

As I get to know your child, and better understand their strengths and struggles,
I will share my observations and support
your efforts in responding to their behavior empathically and effectively. 

Therapist, Danielle Bocchino
Teen looking at bookshelf



I help children understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how to make changes within that circle of relating. I can help your child develop adaptive coping strategies, and boost their self-esteem and confidence. With my teen clients, I quickly establish trust and encourage open talks about emotions, identity, making healthy choices, and trying to figure out that delicate balance between independence and connection.


Collateral work with parents are sessions that occur outside of a child’s individual therapy time. During these sessions, I meet with parents in order to provide information about the progress of the therapeutic work, make suggestions that support problem resolution, and address any concerns. This parent piece can enhance the effectiveness of a child’s treatment, enabling the changes that take place within the therapy room to more easily translate to home, school and family. 


Consultation provides a means to sift through and discuss topics such as child development, routines and discipline, stress management and family communication. It provides an opportunity to ask questions and access professional input in a format that is often brief, lasting from one to a handful of sessions. Consultation can be used as support for the bumps in the road anticipated in the course of any development, not only for clinical concerns.

Kid drawing in play therapy

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all of the time.”

― Anna Freud

Parents | Teens | Consultation


Call or email me today. I’m always happy to start off with a brief phone or video call
to review your needs and provide an overview of my practice and approach.

Danielle Bocchino, Ed.M, LMHC
406 19th Street - Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 567-5672 |

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