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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can assist as you gain insight into how you have reached this point in your life and
help you find relief from the emotional distress that prompted your initial consideration of therapy.
Through early relationships, we form beliefs about ourselves and ways of handling feelings. We learn from teachers, friends and family. However,  some lessons can’t be learned from those closest to us. Helpful as they are, such important people can’t show us, for example, how we sabotage healthy relationships or repeat painful patterns from the past. When we need to learn subtle or invisible truths about ourselves, it’s time for psychotherapy,  a relationship dedicated to self-observation, healing and growth.
Clinical Focus:
  • Anxiety Disorders [Generalized and Social, Obsessive Compulsive, PMADs, Post-traumatic Stress, and Complex Trauma
  • Depression, Bipolar, Grief, Life Transitions, Family of Origin, Identity Concerns, Relationship Challenges


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