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Child & Adolescent Therapy

By the time parents begin seeking treatment options they are often already feeling frustrated and a bit helpless in their ability to make things “better.”        


I view parents as experts on their children and feel that their love, support, and knowledge of their child are crucial elements to a successful therapy experience.




I help children understand the connection between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and how to make changes within that "circle" of relating.

My younger clients come to see me with issues related to ...
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Attachment and Independence
  • Hopelessness and Isolation
  • Self-harming behavior
  • Food and Eating
  • Body Image
  • Emotional regulation
  • Identity


I encourage open talks about peer pressure, risky behavior, body image, why parents "just don't understand" and the struggle between fitting in and being unique.


Young Adults


Becoming an adult can be a confusing time. Our work here will include navigating relationships, furthering the development of self-identity and successful life transitions.


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